Volume 2, Issue 5, October 2017, Page: 56-63
From e-Mediation to On-line Restorative Justice in Criminal Law
Oscar Daniel Franco Conforti, Department of Criminal Law and Department of Restorative Justice, School of Law, University Center of Baja California, Tijuana, Mexico
Received: Sep. 4, 2017;       Accepted: Sep. 23, 2017;       Published: Nov. 2, 2017
DOI: 10.11648/j.ajetm.20170205.11      View  2885      Downloads  96
One of the fields in which conflict mediation is developing is on the Internet where it will, no doubt, become one more tool used to resolve conflict, regardless of the nature of the dispute, whether internet related or not. The legal framework in Spain allows us to clearly differentiate On-Line Mediation from other online dispute resolution (ODR) methods. This article reviews the state of on-line mediation, and further defines what is meant by electronic mediation and also proposes certain parameters for the On-line Restorative Justice Process.
On-line Restorative Justice, On-line Mediation, Electronic Mediation, E-mediation, Mediation by Electronic Means, ODR, On-line Dispute Resolution, On-line Mediation in Spain
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